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Lavender White Choc

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Singapore Singapore

Nice Flavour

It was a gift for me. 1st time trying.. So addictive... must stop at 4 only if not.., bm will leak... 3rd bf journey.

Jacq A.
Singapore Singapore

consistently part of my purchases

I've purchases several times from Cookiedealer, since Y2019 during my first breastfeeding journey and now, my second breastfeeding journey. Lavender White Choc has been consistently part of my purchases as I love its lavender fragrance and its crunchiness. Try it and you won't regret it!

Karen F.
Singapore Singapore

Sweet and floral taste

Crispy and light cookies with a sweet and floral taste. Couldn't stop myself from finishing up the entire jar. Definitely recommend.

Singapore Singapore

so addictive!

My fav!! Finished 3 cans in a week!

Nadiah S.
Singapore Singapore

Tea time

The cookies are so good. It feels like I'm having a tea party. It's really flowery and really good!

Product Information

Welcome the relaxing calm of lavender into your life with these indulgent and innovative lactation treats. Our lavender and white choc cookies combine a gentle, floral flavour with the sweetness of chocolate for an uplifting snack, all while nourishing your body with all-natural ingredients.

Infused with powerful galactagogues to enhance your breast milk supply, you can truly cherish every moment – no stress, no worries. 

1 bottle contains 48 cookies (320g).

Consume 8-10 cookies per day to boost and maintain your breast milk supply.

What are Lactation Cookies?

Lactation Cookies are cookies that include certain ingredients known as galactagogues that are associated with increasing milk supply.

It is also packed full of essential vitamins and minerals to help nourish new mums. Generally, mums who are breastfeeding rely on Lactation Cookies to help with their breast milk supply. Other than increasing breastmilk supply, mummies can rely on lactation cookies to maintain their milk supply for their newborn.

What are Galactagogues?

Galactagogues are substances that promote lactation in humans and other animals. It may be synthetic, plant-derived, or endogenous. They are generally used to treat low milk supply.

We use only high quality and organic galactagogues in our Lactation Cookies:

Steel Cut Oats | Rolled Oats | Ground Flaxseed | Black & White Chia Seeds | Wheatgerm | Coconut Oil | Fennel Seed

Click here to learn more about each galactagogue and how it helps improve breastmilk supply.

Benefits of Cookiedealersg's Lactation Cookies

🍼 Increase breastmilk supply

🍼  Healthy snack to have on hand as mummies are always feeling hungry due to breastfeeding

🍼 Improve the quality of breastmilk. Do you desire thicker, fatty and creamy milk for your baby? 


Consumption Guide

For a boost: We recommend eating (8) to (10) cookies every morning, with a glass of milk or any other fluid to go along.

For maintenance: We recommend eating (6) cookies per day.

Please click here for the consumption & storage guide for your cookies.

Shipping & Returns

Please see our shipping & return policy here before ordering your cookies.

Contains milk, nuts, wheat, gluten


Rolled Oats, Steel Cut Oats, Black & White Chia Seeds, Flaxseed, Wheatgerm, Fennel Seed, Coconut Oil

Consumption Guide

Please click FAQ > Consumption Guide to learn more

Shipping & Returns

Please click FAQ > Shipping & Returns to learn more