Do you want thick, fatty and creamy breastmilk for your precious one?

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Cookiedealersg Lactation Cookies filled with Galactagogues help with milk s


I'm a full time working mom and I'm still nursing my 3.5 year old. These cookies are unbelievably yummy and really help support my continuous milk supply! Thanks for the cookies!


The cookies are very crunchy and tasty! Tried 5 flavours and my fav are the earl grey choc chip and cranberry white choc 😍

I followed the recommended serving and snacked on them every morning as part of my breakfast. After about one week, I can see my yield increased another 20-40ml per session 👍🏻

Will continue to support, thanks alot!!!


I tried the Earl Grey and Double Choc flavour. 

It's my first time trying lactation cookies and was suprised to find the cookies so yummy since they were made from healthy ingredients!

Almost finished all the cookies in one sitting😅. Looking forward to trying the other flavours like speculoos and cranberry white choc!

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