From the get go, I did not have much expectations of Breastfeeding. My mom herself had low supply. Before I gave birth, she had shared that she only managed to breastfeed me for a month. I thought having a low supply was genetic. Before the arrival of my son, my husband and I even prepared a few tins of formula milk as we did not want to stress out if I had insufficient breastmilk.

I had no one else to talk to regarding breastfeeding as I literally had only ONE friend in my circle who has given birth. Even then, she had only breastfed for two months.

I started buying Lactation cookies at a point of time where I was the only source of "food" for my son. When he was a month old, we decided to start giving formula milk once a day. Unfortunately, he was not taking well to formula milk. We had tried 3-4 different brands but each time, he had projectile vomitting. So we stopped FM and solely relied on BM. Although I was not blessed with abundance, I wasn't producing adequately as well.

At that point of time, I wanted MORE milk to store. The lingering fear of not having excess breastmilk was constantly on my mind. It did not help that my son had a huge appetite. Thus, my journey with Lactation Bakes started. After searching around the market for the perfect lactation cookies, I realized that not many suited my taste buds for tasty yet crunchy, bite-sized treats. It wasn’t until months later that I decided to bake my own. Encouraged by positive reviews from my breastfeeding friends and relatives, Cookiedealer was born.      

Our lactation cookies are made with love and superfoods that are both healthy and helps boost plus maintain milk supply. Great for all breastfeeding mummies out there. Even if you are not a breastfeeding mom, don’t worry! Our cookies are yummy for all to snack on.

We are here to ensure that your breastfeeding journey will be a joyful process between you and your baby.