And so, we have now hit that milestone! Your baby is going to start on solid baby foods soon. The next question is... Baby Led Weaning or Traditional Weaning? No matter what you choose, our Silicone Food Bibs & Bowls Set will come in handy! With a bib, you stop your newborn from dropping crumbs & staining his/her clothes. Silicone means that you can use the bib for all 3 meals a day as you do not have to wait for them to dry. You may use a kitchen towel to pat dry after washing and you are ready for the next meal.

Our silicone bib + bowl set is here to make this transition smoother for both mummy and baby.

The silicone bowl has a suction base which helps attach itself to table tops. Less spillage means less mess for mummy and daddy to clean up! The half-cover also helps in levelling the spoon before bringing it to baby's mouth. 

Check them out! We have 9 amazing designs and colours to choose from.